HUNDREDS of peaceful protesters gathered in Manchester this evening to rally against Donald Trump’s decision to recognise Jerusalem as the capitol of Israel.

The protesters met at Whitworth Hall on Oxford Road, then continued to march down Oxford Road, and onto Portland Street.

Trump’s claim two days ago has sparked outrage with the protesters saying that ‘Jerusalem is not Trump’s to give away’.

The protest was made up of hundreds of people flooding through the streets sporting Palestinian flags and signs supporting the Palestinian’s.

Some of the signs read: “Freedom For Palestine”, “Sold To Greedy Investors”, and “Jerusalem Is The Capitol Of Palestine”.

Amongst those protesting were people of all ages and background, and even a lot of families.

Throughout the protest people chanted: “One, two, three, four, oppression no more, five, six, seven, eight, Israel is a terrorist state” and “free, free, Palestine, Palestine will be free”.

The march was surrounded by police officers and features drumming creating beats for all the different chants.

Trump’s decision to announce that the United States now recognise Jerusalem as the capitol of Israel is a move he himself has described as “a long overdue step” in terms of advance to Middle eastern peace, however, as the people have shown here today, it is not a move that many see as an advance.

Many protesters even sports signs saying that Donald Trump should not be allowed to enter the country now, for sparking of racist and xenophobic ideas.

The Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas even went as far as to call Trump’s announcement “deplorable”.

While the protest has finished now, it is unlikely that the people will let this decision fall under the radar, as many are clearly not going to stand for this.

To read what the group had to say on the issue head to the Facebook page here.

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