Buffer zones could be the new thing around abortion centres after women are bombarded with abuse from protesters.

A buffer zone is a space around abortion clinics that protesters are not allowed to enter.Picture provided by Christian This is following MPs hearing evidence of sinister intimidation towards staff and women by pro-life protestors outside of abortion centres.

Christian from a pro-life group called abort67 said: “We stand opposite the clinic on public property”

“We engage members of the public who want to engage with us.”

Upon asking what Abort67 did he said: “We educate on the humanity of the pre born child and the inhumanity of abortion.”

“We ask them their own opinion on abortion”

The allegation that started the buffer zone debate was that women are being harassed outside abortion clinics.

Christian commented:  “We stand and educate people outside the clinics peacefully and compassionately.”

When asking Christian about the buffer zones plan he said: “They want to put buffer zones around abortion centres to stop educational groups like ourselves being around the clinic”

“The exudation that people use is that were intimidating, blocking and harassing them as being murders”

“Abort67 defiantly don’t harris women”

“We have a volunteers agreement that they have to sign to make sure they don’t do that to women.”

“They already have a law to protect women, so this whole buffer zone is on false allegation.”

“The buffer zone doesn’t protect individuals it is purely designed to protect the abortion industry and to protect business.”

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Rachael Clarke from The British pregnancy advisory service that run a campaign called ‘Back off’

The British pregnancy advisory service is a charity who provides a lot of services for women’s health.

They are one of the biggest abortion providers.

The British Advisory Service provide contraceptive advice and miscarriage care.

Back Off is one of there campaigns, which is to stop women being harassed outside of the clinics.

She talks about experiences the Manchester clinic has had.

Rachael said: “It is something we see a lot, we have 70 clinics around the country.

“Most of them have had some sort of protest in the last few years.

“A lot of women are effect and they come in and tell us about their experiences

When asked what have you done about this Rachael said: “We spoke to police and councillors about it.

“For a long time people said that we couldn’t do anything about it.

“Were doing this to protect women and the harassment they face.

“We support buffer zone, we spent a long time figuring out how we could stop this

Rachael said: “Handing leaflets to people shouldn’t be illegal and talking to people shouldn’t be illegal either

But on the flip side “when your stood by an abortion clinic with cameras strapped to you

“By handing leaflets out to women telling them the clinic is lying to them and abortion are going to give them cancer

“That is a very different thing that obviously have a huge impact on their life.

“We think that the only way to fi that is buffer zones, they can still carry on doing these things but do them somewhere else

“Changing the law on abortion I disagree with you but thats what living in a democracy is

“Harassing and intimidating women in making different health care decisions thats not protest”

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