THE POLICE recently seized over one million pounds worth of counterfeit products in Manchester and they are not done!

Christmas shoppers are filling the streets in Manchester at the moment, but many are falling for the temptation to save some money and purchase counterfeit products.

Whilst this may not seem like a huge issue, every purchase made is feeding into the pockets of criminals and allowing them to carry out more sinister crimes.

The most common area selling these goods is the mile stretch between Cheetham hill and Strangeways on Bury new road. It is host to a vast range of counterfeit shops all secured with shutters so the police can’t look in.


Earlier this week the police seized over one million pounds worth of goods from counterfeit shops and over £170,000 goods were seized at Manchester Airport. Yet there is many more seizures needed to clean up the issue.

Posting on Facebook, the north Manchester division of Greater Manchester Police said: “Today, with our partners, officers took part in an operation on Bury New Road targeting those selling counterfeit goods.

“Seven illegal shops were found with one million pounds worth of counterfeit items seized.

“They are not bargains they are cheap, sub-standard and dangerous. The money made by the shops goes to fund organised crime. GMP and our partners will not tolerate this.”

Gordon Fletcher, the co-director at the center of digital business at the University of Salford said: ” It’s significant enough to be a concern and it’s significant enough to put a dent in small retailers, particularly in areas where fake goods are more prevalent.”

He added: “If it’s too good to be true, then it is probably too good to be true.”

So, when you are out spending your hard earned money on presents, remember that the cheapest deal isn’t necessarily the best deal.

You could actually be funding criminals with your Christmas gift money if you purchase any of these counterfeit goods.

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