AN Urmston boxer who has been out of the ring for over a year, made his boxing return last weekend after being spurred on by the young children and adults he coaches.

Billy McNamara, 25, Flixton, Manchester has been out of boxing action for over a year due to having a busy working schedule.

However, he has always been present to coach his favourite sport to the young children and adults within his classes.

Billy coaching the classes.

Apart from his dreams of getting back in to the ring, Billy has always been a dedicated coach to his community, coaching over four classes a week in his gym and at local schools in Trafford.

“I want to make sure that I keep coaching and training with people, if anything I want to be able to coach even more. I train them all hard and they love it. It’s really out there in the community of Urmston that I coach these boxing classes”, Billy said.

He pointed out that his dream is to one day open up his own Boxing gym and facility as the people he teaches are the real inspiration behind his return to the ring.

Billy teaching the class some new boxing techniques.

Billy also explained that he had to give up fighting due to his full time job but yet he has missed strapping up his boxing gloves and training hard for his fights.

“I had to stop fighting because I became a full time teacher. But now I’ve worked out more time management for myself.

He continued, “I missed it. I missed the training side of it. I like being dedicated to things, I like having a focus for something and that’s what Boxing gives me. I missed the training side of it. When I know I have a fight, I’ll give my absolute everything. Ill train as hard as I possibly can. I disciplined myself.

“I’ve planned my days out now so I know when I can train around my work. My mate who I work with is one of my main inspirations too as he helped me to train together with him which really pushed me forward. I needed to get back in the ring, I needed something to focus on.”

He made a return to the ring last Saturday in a tight win against Luke Thomas in the light-middleweight class in front of a large crowd at the Bowlers Arena in Trafford.

Billy said, “It was an amazing feeling being back in the ring. I trained hard, I focused myself and it’s probably the best performance I have ever had.”

Billy was “delighted” to be back in the ring.

He trained up to four times a week for three months before the fight including all the classes he teaches in between.

Billy saw off his opponent Luke Thomas within three rounds winning each round and stated skill wise, it is the best he has ever boxed.

Both Billy and Luke are from the same area of Trafford in South Manchester which made the contest even more enticing.

Both boxers preparing for the start of their fight.

“He has had 40 fights and I’ve only had 16. I was a bit nervous. I was the last fight of the evening too!

“It’s probably the best fight I’ve ever had to be fair. He had about over 100 people there watching and I got a few boo’s when I walked out to the ring which spurred me on to win. This fight was probably the most focused I have ever been.”

Billy expressed how his ultimate dream is to create a gym for everyone to come and learn new skills within boxing, to work hard and to meet new friends.

“I want to do more for the community though, give more to the community in terms of coaching and teaching.

“Of course I would want to make it as a professional boxer, I believe I am good enough but if I have to give up my boxing career to coach more people, then I will be happy with that.”

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