With poms poms in hand, the Firestorm cheerleaders hit the floor with enthusiasm straight into jumps, turns and splits. Their lined formations moved in sync with one another and the music that accompanied them, as they practiced on Monday night at the Swinton Masonic Hall.

The Firestorm club consists of seven different teams ranging in ages from three and up. The teams presently consist of solely girls, although the Firestorm unit is looking to grow their population with males included, as they have had male members in the past.

The Firestorm cheerleaders pride themselves on their family dynamic and mutual support of their teammates, and they are currently seeking new dancers to become a part of this second family, including boys. 

They even have a team dedicated to adults, that happens to be made up of a lot of the cheer mums whose daughters dance for the younger groups.

‘It would also help because then it wouldn’t just be seen as a girls’ sport, it just be seen as like both genders can join in,’ said Jenny, 16, a dancer at Firestorm.

‘When you think about dancing you associate it with girls, but it can be boys too,’ Katie, 12, a Firestorm dancer said.

‘It’s about getting more active, it’s about gaining more skills. You can learn from a beginner… we can teach you,’ said Sarah Aldcroft the head coach.

The Firestorm teams participate in multiple competitions in which they generally place in the top three teams, according to Aldcroft.

‘When you go to competitions you get new skills such as confidence and you have fun with your mates,’ said Olivia, 15, a Firestorm dancer for the past six years.

The dancers of Firestorm advocate for the opportunities to make new friends and learn new skills that their organization has to offer.

‘It’s not about coming and “you must train and do this and win”, it’s about coming to join us, have some fun, make some friends and learn your new skills,’ said Aldcroft.

A dancer, Lucy, 13, added, ‘If you struggle to interact with people when you join it gets you out of your comfort zone and boosts your confidence.’

Firestorm overall look to promote fitness, friendship and coming together over a common interest in cheerleading and dancing. All are welcome and encouraged to join the ‘Firestorm family’.

Photo provided by Firestorm.

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