Salford Art Club’s annual exhibition is now open.

The exhibition at Salford Museum and Art Gallery offers the chance for club members to share their work with the public.

Chairman David Norris, Sarah Spence the director of Libraries and Culture, and Danny Morrell who chose the artwork that is featured, announced prize winners at the launch event on Saturday.

I think exhibitions are a great way of sharing our thoughts, observations, and how individuals uniquely interpret the world around them,” said Norris.

Salford Art Club
People gathered to see the opening of the exhibition.

“I did get down on my hands and knees to look at every one of those paintings because every one of them deserved to be looked at,” Morrell said.

The Salford Art Club has been officially running since 1947, once having prestigious members such as L.S. Lowry and Herald Riley. But Norris prided the club on its diversity in artists; from experienced professionals to those who are completely new to painting or drawing. 

Salford Art Club
A piece by Carol Parkes

“It’s nice to see local people displaying their work because then all their friends and family can all come to see their pictures,” said Carol Parkes, the Exhibition Officer, and club member.

Parkes won the award for having the favourite picture of the public from the club’s last exhibition and has three pieces featured in the current display at the Salford Art Gallery.

Salford Art Club
Moira Glover with her award-winning still life

Another award winner, Moira Glover, received the Betty Murray Prize for still life. Glover has been with the art club for eight years, accompanying her retirement from being a science teacher.

To have work featured in the exhibition, club members were to submit at least two of their images with the opportunity to have a maximum of three on display.

Salford Art Club
One of George Lee’s paintings in the exhibition

George Lee, a member of the club has two paintings in this year’s exhibition. He has been taking part in art clubs for 25 years and has been in the Salford Art Club for five years, alongside getting his BA in Fine Art at the University of Bolton. His featured paintings are depictions of local Salford Churches. 

“I come to the art club because you can do all different types of things…you pick up all different ways of painting, ways of seeing the different angles,” said Lee.

The Salford Art Club is a place for local artists, and people interested in art, to gather and learn from one another. The weekly meetings at the Salford Museum and Art Gallery consist of sessions on portraits, life models, still life, and workshops with an artist. The current exhibition will be on display until July 3, 2018.

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