A new shopping group has started up in Salford with the aim of building and maintaining interest in local businesses.

Go Local Salford is a group created by business woman Rena Louise Gough, to help support local businesses in Salford rather than continuing to go to larger businesses for ease and convenience.

Quays News spoke to Ms Gough, a mum of three and hypnotherapist from Salford, about the reasons why she created the group.

Ms Gough said: “I’ve noticed there just doesn’t seem to be that many places to go locally.

“The idea behind it is that the more we put into local businesses and the community, the more they can give back.

“If you buy from big chains the money gets locked away, it’s just to set the ball rolling so that people start to think about where they are putting their money and where it’s going to.

“People need to consciously think ‘I want to buy this, where am I going to get it from’, which is the mentality I want to build up in the group.

“In general we’ve all got this ‘everything has to happen instantly and have to be able to get everything from one place’ kind of life.

“Its hard to build up your own business when people are already in that mentality of living a different way already.”

Although the group is fairly new, local businesses have seized the opportunity and already begun to promote their Salford-based businesses on the group page.

Some of the local businesses that have been advertised so far include “Olli and Elli” a children’s clothing and consultancy shop.

Another local business advertised is “Teak Teas” a tea business that sell tea, tea infusers and other tea accessories.

Go Local Salford is a closed group which you need to request to join on Facebook and once you have been accepted you can then post and see all the information on the page including discussions, announcements, event and photos.

Follow this link to join the group and become a member of Go Local Salford.

Ms Gough also said: “The group kind of came to me the other day and I thought I should do something about it.

“Just see where it goes, just let it grow organically. I’m hoping that a lot of the local businesses will join and promote themselves.”

Although it is not an advertising space, people who own or know of any good local businesses can share and post information to the group for the other members to see.

The Go Local Salford was created the on 10 April 2018 and so far has 33 members.

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