Education welfare officer, Kareena Daniels wants to  raise awareness on how to keep young people safe in employment this summer. 

Salford City Council have provided invaluable tips to keep young people safe.

Many young people may be considering getting a job over the summer, however it is vital that they are safeguarded throughout this experience.

Kareena Daniels, education welfare officer, is raising awareness on the matter. 

She highlights that:

“It is important to ensure that children with jobs or are seeking employment are safe in their employment.” 

As well as this, she wants to ensure every child from birth until the time they leave school, who are in employment, have got a work permit to do so.

Children require a work permit, regardless of whether it is volunteer work or if they are working for families.

The 16th to the 30th April was Child Employment Awareness Fortnight and companies such as, the NNCEE (National Network for Children in Employment and Entertainment) wanted to remind businesses across the UK of children’s rights in the workplace.

Throughout the fortnight, Kareena Daniels has been inspecting businesses and ensuring that all people involved, including the children, businesses and the parents, are aware of the regulations in place.

It is important for young people and parents to know where they are allowed to work, as there are many jobs that children are not allowed to do.

This is largely due to the risks and dangers associated with the job, for example working in a commercial kitchen or chip shop.

Other key facts Kareena Daniels expressed was advice to parents:

“Check the law around what work they are allowed to do and check their working hours, as it’s illegal for children to work before 7am or after 7pm.”

Although there are many restrictions in place, children can gain great work experience from summer jobs, as long as they remain safe.

You can find more information for employers, children and parents on the Salford City website.

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