Andy Burnham, Mayor of Greater Manchester, has opened an engineering academy in Salford which is set to help the young people of Greater Manchester learn the skills required within the engineering sector.

The academy launched October 15 and is run by Salford engineering company Thermatic, based at Sovereign Enterprise Park.

Burnham said:

“So this is a local company specialising in cooling and heating systems that have opened up their doors to schools and others to provide high quality training and it’s a brilliant initiative and that’s why I am here.”


The engineering sector has suffered with a lack of technicians to fill important job roles, the academy aims to educate young people and others about the industry in hope it can inspire future engineers.

It was announced yesterday that Greater Manchester council will also be launching a consultation for a local industrial strategy set in Salford.

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The strategy runs along side the opening of the Thermatic academy in hopes it will create more links between local companies and opportunities for young people.

When asked how he thought the academy could benefit the young people of Salford, Burnham said:

“I think it will benefit them in a very direct way which is to make that connection between school and the world of work.

“I believe that we aren’t doing enough in this country to teach about good quality technical education and work experience isn’t happening in the same way that it used to.”

Thermatic hope that the academy can make engineering more accessible to the young people of Greater Manchester.

The company also hold a partnership with The Salford Foundation which allows local school children to experience the potential of the engineering and construction industry.

With the opening of the engineering skills academy, it is hoped that this will be the onset of more links between schools and companies like Thermatic.

Andy Burnham added:

“To have companies stepping forward and saying look we’re prepared to help with that, we want to give young people the confidence to be able to move into the world of work to explain more about an industry like this, I think it’s absolutely brilliant and that’s why I am here giving them my full support.”

Pupils from Blackrod primary School in Bolton attended the opening of the academy and enjoyed testing just some of the tools that Thermatic offer in teaching basic engieering skills.

Visit the Thermatic Engineering Academy website to find out more about the training offered in engineering skills.



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