What is the happiest place you know in Salford? Do you think it deserves an award for that? It can be a team, a workplace or a school. This year’s National Happiness Awards competition will help local communities tackle issues like homelessness and poverty

Laughology organises for the third time the National Happiness Awards and this year the money raised within the competition will be donated to the local charities Salford Loaves and Fishes and Narrowgate Night Shelter.

“ All the money from the charity auction and 75 percent of the money from the nomination fees (the other 25 percent will go to Children in Need) will go to the Mayor of Salford’s fund, and he will then distribute the money to the two homelessness charities”, said Stephanie Davies, founder of the National Happiness Awards.

The main purpose of the National Happiness Awards is to make positivity to be recognised in a work or educational environment.

“The awards are giving an opportunity to understand some of the innovative measures people and places are taking to create happiness and wellbeing and to share this information to show that focusing on wellbeing and mental health does have a positive impact. The message is that workplaces and schools should see happiness, well-being, and positive mental health as part of their overall strategy, not just as series of one-off initiatives. By doing this you not only retain good people, but you will also attract them too”, he explained further.

Terry Durose, the Director of Manchester City Mission which is responsible for Narrowgate Night Shelter made a comment about how the donation is going to be used towards the principal issue the charity is focusing on; homelessness.

How to enter the National Happiness Awards

There are two main categories where you can nominate: Workplace or Education. Each category has a subcategory such as happiest workplace, happiest workplace person and happiest team, as well as happiest school, happiest school person and happiest pupil.
There is a charge of £20 for nominating a workplace and £10 for schools.
The nomination closing date is this Friday.


What are the prizes?

The happiest workplace will be awarded the biggest prize, £3000 worth of Laughology training, while the happiest school will receive £1000 worth of vouchers of their choice and £1000 of Laughology training. You can find the full list of prizes here. The award ceremony will be held in Salford Quays at The Landing on the 16th of November.

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