Making drug testing kits easily available on campus may be misunderstood as condoning drug use, according to Salford University Students Union.

The SU is considering its response to a National Union of Students campaign to provide kits cheaply so students who do abuse drugs can test susbtances before taking them to determine their toxicity.

Emily Voss Bevan, sabbatical officer for health, society and wellbeing, said:

“We want to make sure that whoever we get the drug tests from, who ever supplies them to us, is someone that we can trust and make sure that we would advertise them right as well.

“We don’t want to come across like we are encouraging people to do it.”

When asked about how students on campus will react to the campaign, she said:

“I think it will have a mixed reaction. We’ll definitely have some people giving us push back’s saying oh you’re telling people it’s fine, you’re showing us that it’s ok to do it.

“I think we will have some students who will be quite happy about it and will be supportive about the fact we are trying to make it safer.”

NUS, the national union of students, implemented the idea of drug testing kits around universities in the UK.

Conversations are currently being held by the student body organisation about supplying student’s unions around the country with the drug testing kits.

The idea of supplying drug testing kits for student’s at Salford University came from the campaign initially taking place at Manchester University’s student’s union.

The University of Manchester asks for a suggested donation of £2.50 and student’s can use the service with complete confidentiality.

Salford University’s student’s union are looking to partner with a charity that they can trust to supply the drug testing kits for students.

The students union at Salford University will be attending a conference at the end of the month hosted by NUS.

It is believed the idea of the drug testing kits will be pushed further in this conference and the campaign will also be discussed alongside the NUS alcohol impact operation.

For drug and alcohol related services in Salford, the Achieve Salford Recovery Service offers support throughout the city for adults and young people.

The service can offer advice and treatment to those who need assistance if using substances, also offering support to family members and carers.

If you are a student in Salford you can find out more about drug and alcohol assistance by visiting the student’s union website for recommended services here.





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