The Salford Survivor Project is a local charity which has been helping families affected by domestic abuse since 2012.

Project Manager, Jane Gregory, started the organisation after losing a close friend to domestic violence.

On the Salford Survivor Facebook page, Jane states that her goal was to “ensure I can save at least one mother and father from burying their child.”

She said: “I will save at least one man or woman from accepting abuse and I will help children to understand abuse is not love.”

In addition to assisting over 180 families already, this year Jane’s focus has shifted to helping those that can’t afford a very merry Christmas.

Jane has started a gofundme to raise money to provide Christmas dinner for 20 families. She also hopes to send presents to 46 children and 20 adults.

Some of these families have recently fled from abusive homes and are unable to give themselves and their children the Christmas they deserve.

One of the many reasons sufferers stay in abusive relationships is because of money troubles, so the run up to Christmas is a crucial time for these people who can’t afford to spend during the festive season.

Jane only registered The Salford Survivor as a charity in July 2018 due to its rapid growth. In the year 2011/2012, when the organisation began, there were 6155 reported incidents of domestic abuse and 754 incidents of domestic violence in Salford alone.

The fundraising began on 7th November this year with a £1000 end goal and all proceeds will go towards helping the families that need Jane and her charity most.

As well as supplying a Christmas meal and gifts, Salford Survivors also hope to take the families on an evening out, for bowling or to the cinema for some quality time to put a smile on their faces. The charity has appealed to anyone who might know someone with a business that could host some family activities.

If you can’t donate money, Jane asks for donations of gifts that could be wrapped up to put under the tree, or foods to contribute to the dinners.

If you are suffering from any domestic violence issues, the Salford Survivors helpline is open 10am-10pm at 0161 706 0468.

Visit their website for more information on tackling domestic violence and how to recognise it. There are also regular updates on their Facebook  and Twitter pages.


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