Salford Foodbank Logo, used with permission from the organisation.

With Christmas approaching, Salford Foodbank is asking the community to create ‘Reverse Advent Calendars’ to help local people in crisis.

To create their own ‘Reverse Advent Calendar’ this Christmas, people are asked to pick up one item of food a day and place it in box in preparation for donation to the Salford Foodbank.

Once all donations have been received, 24 items will be distributed to each person in order to create their ‘Reverse Advent Calendar.’

Donations can be taken to Salford Foodbank’s three main premises: Christ Central, Mocha Parade and Lower Broughton until 10th December. You can also donate at a number of local supermarkets across Salford.

Over the past few years, Salford Foodbank has been creating parcels for those in crisis with the help of community donations. Last year, over 10 tonnes of food was donated which Salford Foodbank used to create over 5,000 food packages, with 2,043 being sent to children across Greater Manchester.

A volunteer from Salford Foodbank told Salford Now: “It’s been great, we haven’t had a huge amount of people helping, but it’s slowly developing.”

This Christmas Salford Foodbank is aiming to match last year’s success. You can start helping today by downloading your own ‘Reverse Advent Calendar’. For ideas on what to buy, you can find the shopping list provided by Salford Foodbank here.

For further details, please visit Salford Foodbank.

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