An average person will put on 0.5kg-1kg of weight over Christmas but groups in Salford are fighting back to tackle the problem and reduce obesity.

The North of England has the highest obesity rates in the UK and it is likely to rise again over Christmas and into the New Year.

Shops and supermarkets have started even earlier with Christmas food being put on shelves as early as November 1.

To reduce the worry over weight gain in the festive period groups in Salford are helping people by providing teachings on how to produce more nutritional foods.

Free programmes, such as the Red Pepper Programme, are trying to make a difference in Salford.

The Red Pepper Programme is a family weight management programme. It helps families in Salford learn how to cook nutritious and healthy meals.

The programme also offers support for families that are struggling. It runs on Wednesdays 3.30pm to 5pm at Eccles Town Hall.

Groups like Weight Watchers and Slimming World are also helping with weight loss during the festive period. However they are seeing a decrease of group members visiting during December and January.

Lexy Ellis, a Slimming World consultant in Salford who is dedicating her time to work on Boxing Day, talks about what it is like for people trying to lose or maintain their weight throughout the festive period.

Christmas is a time to enjoy yourself and people in Salford are still enjoying the festivities.

Paige Branchflower, is currently trying to lose weight. She said she would struggle during the week of Christmas: “I am taking it a day at a time rather than thinking of my long term goals.

“I’m going to tell people not to get me loads of chocolates and things like that so I’m not tempted to indulge to much.”

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