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An inmate and two workers at Forest Bank Prison in Salford have been found guilty of stealing £100,000 of goods from the facility.

Prisoner Charles Corrigan and security workers Carl Byron and Anthony Bradbury stole DVDs and video games from the prison, before selling them on eBay.

The trio committed the thefts over a period of six years.

Corrigan, 27, plead guilty to money laundering at Manchester Crown Court. He was handed a nine-month suspended sentence and 150 hours community service.

Byron, 37, and Bradbury, 30, were imprisoned for theft and money laundering last month.

The pair stole the goods from arrivals at the prison that they were tasked with searching.

salford prisonHow they did it

In a text message he sent to Bradbury, Byron once wrote: “You have more deliveries than HMV here”.

In another text, Byron wrote: “We are the best team in jail and you made me from a boy to a man. The best thief in jail.”

They would hide up to 100 items in holdalls, before walking out of the prison with them.

They were never questioned as they were responsible for searching other members of security. This meant that they could walk out without interruption.

salford prison

Detective Sergeant Jonny McGirr of GMP Salford said: “Byron and Bradbury used their positions at Forest Bank Prison to go unnoticed as they stole thousands of pounds worth of items.

“They betrayed the trust that the prison had placed upon them and were brazen thieves who lined their pockets through deceit.

“Byron in particular painted a picture of himself as someone to be trusted and Bradbury looked up to him, and would do whatever he was told.

salford prison

“They will now spend the next two years in prison where they will experience first-hand what it is like to be on the other side of the bars.”

Carl Byron was sentenced to two years and ten months in prison. Anthony Bradbury was jailed for two years and two months on November 23.

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