Salford graphics designer, Trevor Johnson has teamed up with the charity Forever Manchester to raise money for the community.

Johnson created and designed the branding for Factory records and some of the most iconic nights at the Hacienda. He has produced a series of prints celebrating the events he designed for the famous music venue.

The designs include Flesh, Nude, Zumbar, Hot, Void and Shiva nights done for the club between 1987 to 1991. He states:

“Literally they were just pieces of information that went out into the public domain, they weren’t really for anything other than to let people know what was happening on particular nights and then after a week they would disappear forever but in revisiting that people seem to cling onto a dynastic period in their lives and cherish those things, so I keep getting asked to revisit and revive those things. It’s interesting looking at those in a different format and seeing how they look 20 years on”


Trevor, who is an ambassador for the charity Forever Manchester, is selling his limited edition collection on the website.

All for a good cause

Forever Manchester supports and fund raises for greater Manchester’s local communities and in the past has financially helped out after both the Broughton floods and the Manchester Arena attack.

Chief Executive, Nick Massey, prides himself in the fact that all the money raised from charitable activities and projects, such as Trevor’s prints, will go directly to Manchester and its surrounding communities.He explains:

“There is a belief among the general public that charities have money. But no matter what charity you are whether you are national or a small local based charity like us you have to raise the money, it doesn’t just come to you. You have to continuously devise ways of attracting attention.
We reinvented ourselves. We ensured the money we raise goes to local businesses and local people there is a great sense of community in Manchester, it is a big metropolis but it operates like a village! So we named ourselves Forever Manchester as we thought it has resonance”.

Hoping to raise their charitable profile even more, Forever Manchester enlisted the help of Salford born and raised Trevor Johnson. The set of eight greeting cards celebrating Fac 51 The Hacienda are now available on the Forever Manchester shop website.

The charity have already raised over £5000 thanks to Trevor’s work.

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