national postal workers' day

Salford citizens – celebrate National Postal Workers’ Day today by thanking your postal service workers!

December 10th recognises all of the UK’s postmen and postwomen, who make sure your mail and packages are looked after and delivered on time at every address in the country.

Carl Webb, North West Regional Secretary of the Communication Workers Union, said: “Postal workers are a unique breed, they want to deliver. They want to make sure that Mrs Smith gets her package, or that Bobby gets his birthday presents.

“It’s just to show appreciation, that’s all. Just to say thank you to somebody for doing a decent job.

“Just smile at your postal workers.”

Postal services workers deliver to 30 million addresses across the country, six days a week, 52 weeks a year.

“There’s less people that actually go and deliver to every household in the country. The postal workers are the last ones left.”

Postmen and postwomen deliver in snow, rain and sunshine – and the cold temperatures in the winter make the job even harder.

“It’s a difficult job all year round, but this time of year it’s especially hard,” said Carl.

Celebrating National Postal Workers’ Day shows appreciation for their work “at the heart of the community.”

Carl recognises that the postal service has suffered after privatisation.

“It really is such a shame. There’s certain industries that can’t be privatised like water, the utility companies, and Royal Mail. It should be into public ownership.

“It has been a disaster, because the profits that are made aren’t being invested back into the company and the people. Instead, unfortunately, it goes to faceless shareholders,” he said.


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