Stagecoach Singing Santa

Bus users in Salford might find themselves joined by a certain festive figure over the coming weeks, but don’t worry – Santa’s sleigh hasn’t in fact broken down.

Instead, Stagecoach’s Singing Santas – Rob and Matt Stennings – are taking to the number 50 bus route through the city, and on through Manchester, to raise funds for the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital.

Equipped with a karaoke machine, the father-son duo are spreading some festive cheer among commuters as they raise money for a worthy cause.

Matt explained the reasons behind their campaign: “It’s a really important cause we’re singing for – the Manchester Children’s Hospital.

“We were fortunate enough to spend a few hours with the poorly children last week, and it was an eye opener. There were some really poorly children.

“So, for what myself and my dad does, if it means we sing for eight hours a day, five days a week all the way to Christmas Eve, it’s not a problem.

“We’re raising as much money as we possibly can for an excellent foundation.”

The Singing Santas were around on last year’s buses too, spreading smiles and Christmas cheer throughout the festive period, and are keen to keep going next year too.

The pair, being driven round by a Santa-clad driver, were keen for riders to get involved and take videos and photos.

“We let everyone know its absolutely fine to take a picture, take a video. They have selfies with us. We just have a great time.”

A bucket donation is being held by the pair during their trips and riders are encouraged to donate if they can spare.

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