If you’re not a fan of Mariah Carey or Shane McGowan then you’re in luck as mobile application development company Apadmi have launched a festive playlist full of the songs that don’t get played enough, to raise money for Salford cancer charity Kidscan.

For each social mention, share or follow of Apadmi’s Christmas Jukebox, the Manchester-based firm is going to donate £1 to Kidscan (up to a maximum of £2,500).

The Spotify playlist features Christmas songs by Marvin Gaye, Jessie J and Elvis Presley, as well as many other hits for the holiday period.

Kidscan is a Salford-based charity that funds and manages research into treatments for children with cancer.

Apadmi was launched in 2009 and in the nine years since it has created apps for the BBC, The Guardian and the X Factor, as well as richer mobile experiences for Lexus, Land Rover and Argos.

Marcus Hadfield, Apadmi’s Chief Strategy Officer, told Salford Now that the company wanted to do something a bit different this Christmas.

“Lots of companies will send things out at Christmas, it can be a card, a bottle of wine, a bottle of chocolates and our view is that it’s good to do something a bit different so people stand up and notice us as a company but it is also to do something a little bit more meaningful.

“The insight this year was that it’s the same songs all of the time and how could we play with that, our first thought was to create an alternative playlist which we did and we were very keen that we didn’t want the songs to be achingly hip and too alternative.”

Mr Hadfield added: “It still felt a bit self-serving and what we wanted to do because it’s a virtual playlist was to spread it so everybody can not listen to the same songs over Christmas and then we thought people will spread it if we persuade them to spread it.

“Christmas is clearly a time for giving and it was much better to reapportion any money to somebody who needed it more.

“We had a connection with Kidscan and we thought they are Salford-based, let’s do something where the money we raise can make a real difference.”

Kidscan receives no statutory government funding and the charity’s Digital Marketing Manager, Kirsty Leigh, told Salford Now that “we’re really grateful that a local business has chosen a local charity.

“Every penny allows us to fund researchers across the country.

“The £2,500 will fund 250 hours worth of research which is quite a lot of time in the labs being able to find new treatments so it’s quite a significant amount of money.”

Apadmi’s Christmas Jukebox can be found here or open the Spotify app and scan the barcode below.

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