Non-profit organisation Education in Action was at the University of Salford on Wednesday to inspire young students to get into science.

The event, which took place in Maxwell Hall, showcased five scientists leading in their field.

Today was called GCSE Science in Action. Anna Webb, Head of Science Programme at the Training Partnership, said: “It’s a day for GCSE students to discover the excitement of science and see where it can take them.

“Every session is hooked in the curriculum, but we take it much further with new and exciting areas they can go.”

University of Salford science students demonstrating

Today there was five sessions covering different ranges of science from physics to chemistry. The leading scientists today were Marty Jopson, Gregg Foot, Tom Warrender, Sujata Kundu and Megan Argo.

Anna continued: “It is very interactive, the students are invited on stage, take part, and we hope that they take part with them that science is interesting.”

The event, one of six in the North, took place between 10.45am to 3.45pm and was open to any KS4 student in the United Kingdom.

In recent years it has become apparent that there is a gender gap in those who wish to study science in the future, these events take place in order to “engage students and get them interested in science for their future”.

She continued: “We know that beyond GCSE level the proportion of girls taking some stemmed subjects is far less than boys.

“If we show that the breadth of field, the excitement and the diversity hopefully we can change a few opinions on which way to go.”

Tom Warrender, Human Guinea Pig and the founder of Medical Mavericks, was one of the scientists at the event and he gave a speech on the different medical careers there are in the NHS.

He said: “This speech is so important because of a lot of students, parents and teacher, when they think of the NHS they think of Nurses or Doctors, so it is important that we show students that there are hundred of other careers in the NHS.”

To find out how to get involved go to their website:

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