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A vote of no confidence in Theresa May has been triggered by Conservative MPs signifying they have no faith in the prime minister to successfully deliver the Brexit deal.

At least 48 Conservative MPs have written to Sir Graham Brady, the chair of the Conservative backbench 1922 Committee, which makes up the 15 percent needed to trigger a no confidence vote.

Due to the vote being initiated, a ballot will take place this evening (Wednesday 12 December) between 6pm and 8pm and votes will be counted immediately. An announcement will be made shortly after with sources saying an announcement could be made by 10pm.

Here’s what the people of Salford think about the vote:

May will need 50 percent of the 315 Conservative MPs to support her in order to stay in office. That is 158 MPs supporting her in total.

If the prime minister is dismissed after the ballot, a contest could take up to six weeks to complete.

The justice secretary David Gauke, warned that if is May dismissed, article 50 would have to be delayed for possibly up to six months possibly.

BRUSSELS, Dec. 11, 2018 – British Prime Minister Theresa May (L) shakes hands with European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker during their meeting to discuss Brexit at the EU headquarters in Brussels, Belgium.

However, many Conservative councillors are said to have conveyed their support in Theresa May publicly. According to Sky News, ‘at least 107 Conservative MPs have publicly pledged to support the PM in tonight’s confidence vote’.

Here are a few tweets from Tory MPs backing the prime minister, including Iain Lindley, Salford’s Walkden South Conservative councillor:

What is a no confidence vote?

A no confidence vote is a vote in a person of responsibility who is no longer deemed fit for that role, for possible reasons such as; detrimental bad-decision making, failing in the role or not carrying out obligations.

What do you think the priorities of the next Tory leader should be?

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