The Big Life group is aiming to ensure that people eat well this Christmas by hosting Souper Tuesdays throughout December.

Souper Tuesdays will provide soup ingredients and recipes for struggling families in Salford. The recipe bags are sold for £1 each.

They offer a cost efficient alternative to buying fruit and vegetables from the supermarket.

Organiser, Kate Gillibrand, said that: “we take it into local shelter accommodation because we find that people who are cooking for themselves tend to bulk buy potatoes, carrots, onions and this can be quite costly. So we put it in handy bags that are just the right amount for two to four portions.”

The bags are filled with recipes to keep Salford eating well and staying healthy over the Christmas period.

Kate Gillibrand, stated that: “the idea is to get healthy eating into the community”.

It is run at the Energise Centre on Douglas Green from 12-2pm. It is open to everyone within the community, with Ms Gillibrand pushing to open up the scheme to anybody that is struggling:

“it is for anybody, any age, students elderly homeless”

She also wants to ensure that people within Salford keep safe and well this winter, stating: “keep warm, be active, stay social, eat well, hence the soup bags, and just look after yourself.”

The scheme is also run throughout the year, however the recipes change according to the season. With salad bags previously been given out in the summer, they are now selling soup for the winter.

The Big Life group provides a variety of different support groups for people within Salford. Especially around the Christmas time, “which can be a costly time of year” the Big Life group is aiming to promote the services that are available to struggling individuals around this time.;

Their other groups include creativity group, friendship group and smokescreen.

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