Salford based gin company Sis4ers Gin have opened their own brand new distillery.

Their new gin distillery is located at Waybridge Enterprise Centre in Salford and has given the Sis4ers the opportunity and space to create a gin school, bar and extended time to create double the amount of stock.

Sis4ers Distillery is owned by four sisters Kerry Collins, Hayley Robinson, Kate Haslam and Lucy McAvoy who were all well established in their teaching careers and self-employment.

The business has been open just over 12 months and prior to opening their own distillery shared space in at their brothers brewery Seven Bro7hers, Salford.

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After Kerry, the eldest sister missed out on a promotion at work around 18 months ago the sisters decided to venture into a similar industry as their seven brothers.

Lucy explained: “We have used our brothers advice but we can stand on our own two feet, we are pretty determined, we respect what are brothers are doing and our partners”.

However 12 months since the company started it has expanded quickly, they have produced their core gin range and so a bigger space was needed.

The new unit is set to include a gin school where the public can pay for a gin experience where they are shown a demonstration and a gin bar.

There will be gin tours around the distillery and demonstrations from the sisters about how to make the perfect gin.

The gin experiences will allow the public to visit the distillery, have their own work space, weighing scales, botanicals such as spices, herbs and fruit plus their own copper mini still which their gin will be filtered through.

Each mini still have their own name, stills are normally given female names. The sis4ers have named each still and incorporated their daughters names into this process.

Fredrica, a 200ml copper pot still

In terms of the main copper stills that are used to make batches of gin in the main area of the distillery, Fredrica is a 200L cooper artisan still, named after the siblings Mother and Father Freda and Eric. Their second newest still, Venitia 120L which has been added to the brewery so larger quantities of gin can be distilled.

Lucy added: “The whole point of the gin school is allowing them to explore flavors and things that they like, and also experience what it is like to and a botanical which might me a tiny milligram of amount and how much it actually can change the taste and flavor of the gin”.

“They can be included more and not just sit there listening to us, they can actually make it themselves”.

Originally from Salford, the sisters want to give back to their community, they work with the business growth hub in Manchester and local organisations and companies.

Lucy emphasised: “We are a Salford family, love and are proud of where we are from ,we want to give jobs back to the community because we love our community and we have events in the brewery all the time where the community comes down, open to the public.

“We don’t want to be somebody we are not, we want to be true to our roots.”

Salford Roasters coffee

In conclusion to their core gin range, Sis4ers gin recently dispatched their caramel and espresso gin two weeks ago, they sourced the Nicaraguan coffee bean, a main ingredient, from Salford Roasters to create a sweet gin.

Lucy explained: “We wanted to use local produce and local suppliers as much as we can, they had the perfect coffee bean for it , it made perfect sense to collaborate with another Salford company.”

In the new year, the sisters are planning on creating a special edition gin dedicated to pride as they have connections with Salford Pride: “It’s that engagement with the community”.

They are also looking into creating their own spiced rum in 2019 which they have been researching as it is a completely different process to creating gin.

Lucy added: “You are never the finished article, you never know everything.

“It is a sensitive process.”


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