Salford Cycling Club have defended the state of Buile Hill Park after Saturday’s Cyclo-Cross event.

The event, which saw over 350 people of all ages attend, left grass and bulbs that had been planted across the park churned up and messy.

Residents vented their anger and frustration online, with one even referring to it as ‘legal vandalism.’

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But Salford Cycling Club have refuted these claims, stating that the event was undertaken with the full backing and cooperation of Salford City Council, Friends of Buile Hill Park, Salford Wildlife Rangers, and British cycling.

A liability insurance was also in place, as required by the city council.

Peter Murray, event organiser acknowledged residents concerns, but said that past experience from other Cyclo-Cross events held in other public parks around the North West, that “the grass recovers quickly – and at this time of year, with new growth expected soon, we hope that the grass will return to its former condition even more quickly.”

Steve Purcell, Club Secretary, added “We are a community based club, and our membership is 98% Salford residents and council taxpayers”

“The club is run by volunteers with a vision of making Salford a healthy community and we aim to promote Cycling for future generations.”

Buile Hill Park, which is the largest and most popular in the City of Salford, is included on English Heritage’s Register of Parks and gardens of Special Historic Interest. Attractions include tennis courts, outdoor gym equipment and a children’s play area.

It is rumoured that it inspired Frances Hodgson Burnett’s children’s classic ‘The Secret Garden.’

Salford City Council have agreed to monitor the state of the grass during the coming weeks. If there is evidence of any longer lasting effects to the park, they will be addressed.

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