The singers at work!

The Ordsall Acapella Singers group have said their choir is always open for new members – especially now during what can often be a tough and lonely time of year for some. 

Choir Chair Chris Beadsmoore says new members of the choir are promised a safe, fun and friendly environment when joining.

“It can be scary: walking in to a room of people you don’t know for the first time is scary, but we will try and make that as easy as we can.”

However Beadsmoore was quick to point out not only the sense of belonging singing brings to people, but the huge health and mental well-being benefits singing also provides.

“It’s incredible how many (benefits) it really does have after considering it’s something everyone can do.”

The singer is also a big believer that everyone is a singer deep down if they can find their voice.

“Pretty much everyone can sing,” he said.  “it’s just a muscle.

“You have to enjoy it admittedly but the more you use it the better you get.”

Although The Ordsall Acapella Singers is a place to sing, Beadsmoore was adamant that the community and social element was far more important.

“We don’t hold auditions, nobody is going to point and laugh, there is no you have to be able to read music,it’s all about trying to get as many people involved as we can.”

The group was established 14 years ago by two Ordsall residents looking for a hobby that could be enjoyed by as many as possible and that still remains the choir’s main goal today.

Looking to the future, the singers have lots of exiting plans including their annual big singing competitions in Buxton and Manchester as well as potential talks of going abroad in the future too but whilst never forgetting that fun is the main goal.

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