A 10 week course in Buile Hill Park continues today for local gardeners looking to grow their own produce.

Starting off on national nutrition and hydration week, the ‘Grow Your Own Vegetables and Fruit Course’ is one of the many sustainable, health conscious events occurring across the country. The week has been celebrated annually since 2012 and works towards educating the public on the value of personal health, as well as sharing various well-being tips and tricks.

The course runs alongside Salford City College and is part of Community Learning.

This scheme sets out to teach all growers a variation of new skills that ranges from being aware of the best techniques to identify and prevent pesticides, right through to finding the best locations to grow produce.

Other skills vary from successfully preparing soil and compost as well as sowing seeds and ‘caring’ for seedlings.

All attendees must enrol as numbers are extremely limited.

Upon completing the course you will be presented with a certificate for your achievements.

The course is free and runs from 1.30pm to 3.30pm every Tuesday until May 7.

For further information contact horticulture co-ordinator, Sue Jeffries .

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