The Salford Green Party are set to host an event called ’12 Years to Save the Planet’ which will feature discussions and debates about climate change.

The event will take place at the Old Pint Pot pub in Salford on the Tuesday the 9th April, with the discussion kicking off at 7pm.

The Green party led night will aim to discuss the effect climate change has on our lives and wether or not we really do only have 12 years to save the planet from destruction.

Guest speaker Natalie Bennett, former Green Party leader and leader of the Sheffield Green Party, will give her views on the ‘climate crisis. She will be joined by local candidates Wendy Olsen and Bryan Blears, and other guests.

One of the speakers Bryan Blears is standing for Claremont in the local elections and says that he is pleased that the issue of climate change is now in the forefront of peoples attentions in Salford.

He said: “Climate change will affect everyone. I am pleased to be setting this at the forefront of the agenda in Salford.

“We are continuing to see record temperatures across the world and right here in the north of England. This problem will not go away. We need to decide how we tackle this problem, not if we do, and we need to start at a local level.

“Please come along and help us to campaign to protect future generations from the worst effects of climate change.”

Tickets for the event are free, with registration open now.

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