Hundreds of people marched through the streets of Salford on a sunny Saturday afternoon for the city’s May Day parade and rally.

Crowds began gathering at Bexley Square in the early afternoon on the 200th anniversary of the Peterloo Massacre, with trade unionists and activists at the parade in full voice, which was supported by a bagpipe band and samba dance group.

Prior to the May Day parade starting, supporters of the Eccles Saving People Project marched from Eccles to campaign against the shelter being evicted on the 7th May, after housing dozens of homeless people throughout the winter months.

Labour MP Rebecca Long-Bailey, Salford City Mayor Paul Dennett and Trade Unionist Steve Turner, of Unite the Union, also joined in with the people of Salford as they headed through Silk Street to the Sacred Trinity Church on Chapel Street.

The May Day Parade was somewhat overshadowed by the recent appearances of far-right Activist Tommy Robinson, who visited Salford in the week during his campaign to become an MEP for the North West in the upcoming European elections.

However, this was condemned during the May Day Parade, with Rebecca Long-Bailey urging attendees to “fight the hatred that tries to put neighbour against neighbour.”

Mayor of Salford Paul Dennett said: “The City of Salford is a city of long-standing multiculturalism and we welcome communities from all over the world.

“The docks in Salford were very much founded through different nations coming together and economically really driving this city forward, so for me, racism has no place in British society.

“We will always stand to defend the multiculturalism and solidarity of this city.”

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