Reclaim, a local youth leadership and social change organisation, is hosting a community event this Saturday, May 11th.

The community event is to celebrate the end of its most recent lead programme, Salford Girls .

The programme started 12 months ago and will conclude this Saturday with a community event in Ordsell park. The event will run from one until five and will include performances, ‘zine creation and a period positivity stand.

The girls have been tackling issues like body positivity, sexism and periods; creating a animation about the Peterloo massacre to writing zines.

Many celebrities, including The Good Places’ Jameela Jamil, have praised Salford Girls and Reform for the work they’ve been doing.

The lead programme manger, Heather Madden, spoke about what the girls have been doing: “They create a manifesto for social change and work on it over the period of four weekends. They work in co-production so it evolves as it goes along.”

“They’ve done things like an animation on the Peterloo massacre and we went to downing street last Friday.”

Heather added: “It’s about getting young people to invest in their community by following the values of leadership, activism, enterprise and community.”

“They wanted to use a space that isn’t used that often and occupy it with things that they have done over the 12 months.”

The event will be open to the public and is free to attend.It will run during the afternoon, from one until five, and feature various activities.

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