Matthew Biederman

The work, called ‘A Generative Adversarial Network’ is by the Canadian artist, Matthew Biederman, and was created in response to a Department of Homeland Security call-out to help improve the accuracy of threat recognition algorithms at US airports.

Biederman’s work introduces ‘random noise’ to the algorithm to represent the changing threat landscape thereby creating entirely imagined ‘threatening’ results to body scans of entirely innocent people.

It forms part of ‘The State of Us’ exhibition at The Lowry.

The exhibition will question if technological intervention has out-paced the natural order and examines how artists are imagining ‘engineered evolution’.

Matthew Biederman, the artist, said:

“What this work seeks to highlight is how easy it is for anyone – let alone a computer algorithm – to have their judgement of the facts in front of them corrupted by outside influences of which they have no control.”

Lucy Dusgate, curator of the exhibition at The Lowry, said:

“Matthew’s work is a thought-provoking and creative response to the very real-world problem of technological intervention and we look forward to displaying it at The Lowry.”

The exhibition opens on Saturday 9 November 2019 and runs until Sun 25 February 2020.

Visit the Lowry website for more information on Matthew Biederman’s work as well as the other featured artists.

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