It has been reported that knife crime is rapidly increasing in cities across the North West such as Manchester, Liverpool and Blackpool, making them worse than some boroughs of London. 

Manchester knife crime has doubled in three years with places such as Salford, Moss Side and Hulme becoming high-risk areas. 

Ian Cameron Swanston, an MST therapist, works closely with Mothers Against Violence, a charity to provide support for families and parents suffering physically and mentally from knife crime.

Swanston said he has seen “children as young as 11 becoming involved in knife crime.” 

Ian Cameron Swanston focuses on helping young people from 11 – 18 years old tackle their issues and prevent them from being involved with knife crime.  

He said:

“I talk to them about the reason they use knives, the environment they are in and how they protect themselves. It often begins from deeper rooted issues which used to be gang related that has now been addressed and taken into their own hands. It also happens due to the lack of activities in these local areas and is the start of conflict.” 

Last year Mothers Against Violence secured funding for their Stop and Reach project, focusing on children and knife crime and was initially a project alongside Greater Manchester police. Mothers Against Violence have not only provided a new space, but it has been influenced by police officers and young people.  

‘The best approach is to engage in pro-social activities to prevent the anti-social behaviour’ Swanston commented. ‘Hulme Hall will focus on providing a space for young people to talk to adults and also an increase of activities’. This means young people can begin to focus on activities, helping them retract from participating in knife crime. 

Swanston has previously delivered workshops to schools helping young people and adults to reflect on their choices and make positive changes that last a lifetime. Alongside work that helps people cope with sudden death and bereavement. 

The Hulme Hall renovation will be fully accessible and operational from November 1st 2019. 

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