Students from Worsley College have created a Forest Garden at Forest Green Nursery as part of the Prince’s Trust program.

This Forest Garden was hand-picked by students and Joanne Healey, assistant Team Leader at the Princes Trust at Salford City College, said that this decision is always left to the students to help their creativity flourish.

“So, what we do normally, as part of the programme is, we take them to see three different local community projects and they would do a presentation on which one they feel is most beneficial.”

“The reasons that they chose this one was that they got to be outside all the time, which I think they enjoyed.”

“They were also really into helping younger children, that was their demographic that they wanted to support.”

“Alongside that they liked the idea of being a bit more creative and having a bit more free-reign in terms of exploring what they could do out here and have more ideas.”

The twelve-week programme is aimed at getting young people into education or employment by working on projects hands-on, whilst increasing their confidence.

“We look at all sorts of different things, but the biggest thing really is working on those soft-skills, communication, social skills, careers and job searching skills and being able to work with others.”

“All the things that, you know, maybe their confidence has been knocked through education and just building that up really, so they feel confident going out into the big, wide world.”

“The confidence boost that this gives them and to see the distance travelled and the cause and effect that if I put this amount of work in, something good comes out of it at the end is really, really positive.”

This Forest Garden includes flowers, plants and a fire-pit and will be a mainstay at Forest Green Nursery for years to come.


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