A Salford university graduate is now influencing people online through Instagram. She is letting people in on her journey with plus size pregnancy and new mum lifestyle, as well as sharing plus size fashion advice.  

Katey Hayward, 27, graduated Salford University in 2014 after studying Media Technology. She now works as a social media manager and videographer for the online fashion store Lovedrobe.

As well as working for Lovedrobe, Katey is an Instagram influencer with more than 6,000 followers which is continuously growing. Fashion brands such as Pink Clove and Big Bloomers have approached her and worked alongside Katey where she posts ADS for the stores.

As of September 6, 2019, the influencer is now a full-time mother to a baby boy called Albie. Katey shared her pregnancy journey through Instagram stories and posts. She has also occasionally posted videos on YouTube surrounding her baby journey. She updated people on the ups and downs of pregnancy, what it was like being plus size and pregnant and everything in between.

“I decided to post about it (the pregnancy) as a way of documenting it for myself as a first time mum. I seemed to get a great response from it, it was so lovely,” said Katey.

The blogger receives “so many lovely messages” and support from people.

She said: “It really helped me through the low parts of my pregnancy and I still get messages now off plus size pregnant people who ask me for advice, which is lovely.

“I really enjoyed my pregnancy. I miss my bump so much. The best thing was how amazed I was with my body. Now Albie is here I’m in awe of my body, I can’t believe I actually made this little human.”

With being overweight there are extra risks and complications during pregnancy depending on your body mass index (BMI). These risks include the baby being born larger than normal, a more complicated process for a C-section, premature birth, preeclampsia, hypertension and brain and heart defects in the baby.

Katey had a few complications throughout her labour.

She said: “I was having contractions from 3am – 10pm at night where I finally was rushed for an emergency c-section due to not being fully dilated after having my waters broke a few hours before”.

Katey has advice to share with any plus size women who are either pregnant or want to be pregnant: “Please try to ignore the BMI talk because some people will get upset over it. Ask as many questions as you want and push for the labour you want to have. I did hypnobirthing and it helped me so much”.

Hypnobirthing is a method used during labour and birth that allows you to manage your pain better. The method uses breathing techniques, relaxation and visualisation.

Katey said: “The worst thing about it (the pregnancy) was first trimester morning sickness, that was awful. I also had heartburn for the whole 9 months of pregnancy. Use sickness bands for first trimester morning sickness. They were a life saver for me as I had awful sickness over the littlest things. Make sure to rest as much as you can, sleep when you need to and enjoy it”.


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