This week is a sweet favourite themed week, Chocolate Week. The nation is celebrating one of our favourite yummy treats.

Chocolate Week returns for the 15th year running, from 14th to 20th October, 2019.

Across the UK, hundreds of events are happening to celebrate the delicious treat. There are many ways it is being celebrated such as stores hosting talks, tastings and giving out samples. Many places will also launch new products including exclusive products with possible offers alongside.

The aim of having this fun themed week is to promote chocolate and the people who create and sell it, especially those who have partnerships with cocoa farmers. Through celebrations, consumers of the snack are ought to be encouraged to pay fairer prices when buying their products.

3. Chocolate Gifts – St Paul’s Rd, Salford

At Chocolate Gifts you can celebrate National Chocolate Week in style. Chocolate gifts are available for purchase to treat either yourself or others. The store sell many different chocolate arrangements that can suit your needs wether it be a moving in present, engagement present, thank you present or many other different occasions.

Click here to visit their website.

2. R&M Fine Chocolate – 72 Singleton Road, Salford

R&M Fine Chocolate create a wide range of 100% handmade chocolatey products. Only natural ingredients are used as no preservatives are involved in the creations. The store also use their own recipes. At R&M they hold many activities, some of them include hosting chocolate parties, chocolate birthdays, chocolate workshops and chocolate taste and talk events. They say their goal is to “spread the wonders of chocolate all around us”.

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1. The Cadbury Shop – Lowry Outlet, Salford Quays

Cadbury chocolate is one of Britain’s favourite chocolate, leading as the most popular chocolate. The shop sell traditional flavours and new flavours that may suit your taste buds. You can find tasty chocolate bars and a selection of delicious treats. Cadbury gifts and memorabilia are also on offer.

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Through a recent poll conducted via Instagram, 93% of 150 people said they liked chocolate and 7% said they did not. Out of the same people, 44% said they could go the rest of their life without eating chocolate and the remaining 56% said they could not.

Listen here to find out what chocolate members of the public favour.

One young woman said: “My favourite chocolate is a vegan brand of chocolate called Vego. I love their milk chocolate one with hazelnuts because it’s literally like eating a whole jar of Nutella and it’s just so heavenly”.

Whilst others said they favour chocolate such as Dairy Milk Buttons, Twirl Bars and Lindt Lindor.

You can visit the official website for chocolate week here – 

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