This Halloween season Pinfall Wrestling Academy are preparing for their first-ever ‘Fright-Night’ to raise money for the Gymnastics and Lifestyle centre in Salford.

The undercards are stacked with the best up and coming talent from the UK wrestling scene with plenty of surprises in store.

ITV’s The Monster Crater will be in attendance ready to show the Pinfall roster exactly what nightmares are made of.

Fright Night will be the first ever title tournament, the contestants will be battling to make history and become crowned Pinfall’s first-ever wrestling champion.

Expecting record crowds and tough competition, the wrestlers have been training hard in the build-up to the competition.

The City of Salford Trampoline and Gymnastic club was formed over 40 years ago and is still one of the top clubs in Great Britain.

Until 2006 it was an intrinsic part of the city council’s sports development programmes.

All money raised from the fright-night will be pumped back into the sports centre to help fund the range of services needed.

The centre suffered a five-year closure but after refurbishments the centre re-opened in 2018 and continues to be the beating-heart inside Salford’s community.

Runner of Salford gymnastic and lifestyle centre and promoter of Pinfall wrestling, Nick Burke said: “We have Asylum seeker groups that attend every week, Alcohol recovery group come in and do work at the centre, a disability fitness group and we work with people from such a wide range off backgrounds and communities and the money we have raised helps us to continue in doing so.”

Fright Nights big name guests include ITV World of Sport’s Crater, Jonny Storm, Damon Leigh.

In order to attend the event you will have to purchase ticket.

Mr Burke highlighted the importance of providing tickets and the opportunity to watch live wrestling to those families that cannot afford the price.

The number of participants in community wrestling is on the rise and it’s organisations like Pinfall that are responsible for these statistics.

Many of the wrestlers at the centre are from Salford and know how important these events are towards raising money in local communities. Teenage wrestler, Ben Shoreman told us: “Wrestling is never a one-person journey, its multiple people, we’re all in this together.

“We’re all helping each other and I think it’s a it poetic that we give something back to the community and help people who don’t have the same opportunities we do.

“With wrestling comes sacrifice and with sacrifice comes reward.”

The community centre provides an opportunity and a playground for residents of all ages to get off the streets and become a part of a team whether it be gymnastics, wrestling or any of the clubs hosted by the leisure centre.

Also, free meals are offered to children during school holidays. Those who receive free-meals during term-time can head down to the centre and receive free meals at the cafe.

The event will be taking place on Sunday 27th October from 3pm at the Gymnastic and Leisure centre, Camp Street, Salford. Grab your tickets online.

“We’ve got some amazing wrestlers and performers and we’ve got a title shot, who doesn’t want to see a title shot on a wrestling show.”



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