Meet the Mums that meet every week to dance their way back to their pre pregnancy bodies.

Through the My Life House community hall doorway in Walkden, music, laughter and gurgles can be heard, making a gloomy Monday morning seem a whole lot brighter in Salford.  

Photo Credit: Isobel Muir

Laura Burns is the high-spirited instructor of the dance class and as a Mother of three she says she believes dancing is a great way to get out with your new born for fun, fitness, company and bonding time.  

Sweaty Mama are a group of women that specialise in Pre and Post Natal Fitness to encourage both a healthy body and mindset whilst socialising with other Mums and having fun. The Mums come along to the classes with their babies in a papoose and dance for an hour every week. 

By being close to the chest of the Mother is a well-known way to bond with a baby and these classes encourage the idea that health and wellbeing is improved from the shared warmth which can regulate heart rate and lower stress.  

Laura said that she utilised her maternity leave to get her Level 3 Personal Trainer qualification so she could inspire other young mums to get active in what can sometimes be a very lonely time.   

Photo Credit: Isobel Muir

She said: “when you have your baby you can get a bit lost sometimes doing the same things with no one to talk to.  

So I did this because it’s nice to get out and speak to adults, especially ones in the same boat.” 

In the UK alone, around 1 in every 10 women suffer from post-natal depression every year and the NHS recommend regular exercise as a form of self-help. The comradery and vibrant atmosphere the Sweaty Mamas provide is a great setting for improving mental health and building new and supportive friendships through dance.  

Georgina Moult, is a new Mum to baby Oliver who is only 8 months old, she said: “I spend all day with just Oliver so I really appreciate the time with like-minded people and also just to be a bit silly and dance with all the other mums with their little ones. I’d recommend it to all new mums as just a way of getting out of the house for an hour. 

Laura continues her mission to encourage young Mums to get out, have fun and dance away their stress and bond with both their baby and other Mums.

She said: “Just come along, you’ll have the best time.”

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