St Ann’s Hospice Shop in Monton has introduced a waste-free section where customers can bring their own empty containers to refill essentials while also helping save the environment.

The products, which are vegan friendly, range from washing up liquid, hand soap and shampoo to dishwasher tablets.

The prices range from 30p per 100ml for washing up liquid, 42p per 100ml for toilet cleaner and 80p per 100ml for shampoo.

Branch manager Lisa Berry spoke about the idea behind introducing an eco-friendly range of products.

She said: “We knew that at the time there wasn’t anything like this in Monton.

“Monton seems to have that sort of vibe of people who would use the cleaning section and come into the shop. We want to bring that kind of customer into the shop.”

A customer filling up their reusable container. (cc: George Carden).

The introduction of the waste-free cleaning section has drawn attention from people of all ages in the community.

“We have Brownie groups come in, we have children come in because they are all learning about being eco-friendly at school.” said Lisa.

“The children now are much more aware than other generations.

“We had a little girl come, she had a title, she was the ‘eco warrior’ in her school.

“It’s on a daily basis now. We are getting interest all the time.

“We have people saying that next time they come to refill their products, they will come here.

“An elderly gentleman came in the other day and he came in to do it, so it’s interesting to see that this is going across all ages.

“It’s not just the young, other ages are into it as well because they have seen it on the news.

“Sharmina August [the Labour councillor] has been in and she’s been promoting it so it’s been lots of different people, but all with the same mindset and that’s what has been interesting about the people who have come to the shop.”

The hospice shop is the first of its branch to provide a refillable cleaning section. (cc: George Carden).

St Ann’s currently supplies nine essentials needed around the house in the Monton shop. However, depending on the success of their pilot run, they are going to provide a wider range of products.

Ian Collier, Assistant Manager, explained how the waste-free section has been growing in popularity.

He said: “It started slow. However, people needed to get used to the idea that it is here.

“Each day we seem to be selling a bit more so there’s been a positive reaction.”

Lisa suggested that smaller shops introducing waste-free refillable sections might encourage larger shops in the future to follow suit.

She said: “If this works and we can prove it’s got a good business case, I can’t see why it can’t be rolled out into some of the bigger stores, especially if they have got the competition they can work alongside other shops.

“It is much more about being eco-friendly than the business side, we are much more about promoting the idea behind it.”

The map below details 10 shops in and around Salford that will help you reduce your waste. These shops either provide refillable cleaning product sections, waste-free groceries sections or both.

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