Every Tuesday, FoodCycle hosts a free community meal which invites members of the public to eat a three-course-meal from surplus food in an attempt to cut down on food wastage.

Credit: Lucy Matthews

Located at Langworthy Cornerstone on Liverpool Street, FoodCycle can be found on the 50 bus route and is not too far from Salford’s shopping centre. Each week around 26-28 people on average attend the free community meal.

Food wastage has become a major issue across the UK and FoodCycle’s goal is to reduce the amount of food that is being wasted by using it to cook up free meals.


Rodger Cairs, volunteer project leader at Langworthy, commented: “We tend to get some regulars that come sort of week to week and then you’ll get new people popping in as and when.”

Mr Cairs continued by explaining that social media does promote the event but word of mouth from people helps spread the word. Cairs explained: “It’s all donated food so companies like supermarkets like Aldi and Booths.”

The meal is not planned until the day as it all depends on what food is donated. Usually there are products such as vegetables and bread which are often used to make a meal as Cairs said, “It all depends on what you get given. So to be honest, if we get onions, potatoes and some kind of veg we can normally knock something up”.

Credit: Lucy Matthews

David Birchall, volunteer, said that there are different roles available from working in the kitchen to being a front of house member which includes serving food and talking to people who arrive.

Mr Birchall explained: “The FoodCycle have produced their own easy nutritious meals, this has been donated by all of the people that cook.” Birchall said the recipes are easy to follow and make, including a vegan chocolate which only needs flour and cocoa powder.

He continued by saying that the meals are freshly cooked and takes the team around half an hour to prepare and one hour to cook the food.

In terms of the future, Cairs spoke about possibly developing more venues and that “It’s just trying to match the venue with the supermarket and having access to a kitchen”.

The next community meal takes place on Tuesday 19th November, 18:00-19:30. Data used in the infographic has been taken from the FoodCycle website. For more information visit

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