A new one of a kind dementia respite care unit was unveiled in Swinton on Friday to allow respite care for those living with dementia.

The Poppy Specialist Dementia Respite Unit was opened on the 15th November and is the first of its kind in Salford.

The respite unit gives those living with dementia somewhere to stay for long or short periods of time whilst those caring for them take time to themselves, knowing the person they care for is in safe hands.

Plaque for the new unit.
Image credit – Imogen Holland

The Poppy Specialist Dementia Respite Unit was unveiled by Margaret Hayhurst, representing Humphery Booth charities and Andrea Campbell, the Chair of the Aspire Board.

Andrea spoke about what dementia can do to those living with it: “As we know with dementia it affects the people who are living with it, peoples families, friends and relationships with the communities they live in.

“This is a great opportunity to enable people to have a safe service in a state of the art unit and it is staffed by state of the art people.”

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The unit is designed around almost everyone’s dementia needs, including the dimmed lighting at night so the residents can understand that it is time to go to bed and difference in colour so people can see the difference between the wall and the door frame.

Each room comes with an en-suite and a bed which is suited to the needs of those living with dementia, built in wardrobe and TV unit, a small living space and an Alexa and flat screen clock to help residents to tell the time and give them the freedom to find out what they can from Alexa.

Have a look at the new dementia unit below.

Janet Tuhoy, CEO of Aspire and Paula Summersfield, Director of Strategic Business Development spoke about the new unit and what it does for those living with dementia in Salford.

Janet said: “We had a lot of people going into other units, but because of the advancement of their dementia it was quite difficult for them to be supported as they want to

“So we got together with staff and the people we supported and asked what they wanted and that is where the idea came from.”

Janet added: “We are just absolutely delighted that we have been able to do this with the generous support of Booths, the absolute passion and commitment of our staff and their vision for the unit which is absolutely in our opinion spectacular.”

The Booth Charities in Salford funded the Poppy Specialist Dementia Care Unit which should be accessible to the public at the end of this month.


  1. Sharon hanson

    Would there be any jobs available ?I’ve been a care worker for 24 years I’m in employment at a care home but would to work closer to home if any work possible could you please email me thankyou the unit looks amazing

  2. Is there any vacancies going I’ve been doing care and support work with people with learning difficulties I also have close t oo home exsperiance with diemtiea as my dad has the horrible illness my contact number is 97743876102 I also have meds trading and all other training in support work thankyou

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