BOOBS (Be open on breastfeeding Salford) calls on more venues in Salford to welcome breastfeeding mothers.

The campaign #boobsapproved began in 2018 but since then only 83 venues have signed up.
Kim Bond, 28-year-old, CEO of BOOBS said:

“We were funded by NHS Salford CCG and its been our target to get 100. So, since we started in 2018 we’ve had this golden target of 100 venues. We desperately want to get to 100 because in 2020 we’re meant to be getting to 150. So another 50 in 2020 so we need to get to 100 to be able to get to the next level in 2020.

“A BOOBS approved venue will mean that you have been visited by myself, a volunteer or our project manager and being boobs approved means that you are essentially approved by a breastfeeding mum.”

Boobs approved venues receive a BOOBS approved sticker, a poster, a listing on, a sample breastfeeding policy and a training document for staff explaining the scheme.


BOOBS approved Eccles


Today, The A World UK, another BOOBS approved venue opened in Eccles. Phillipa Rotherham-Howell, a 28-year-old, mum of two and charity shop owner explained why she joined the campaign:

“When I’m going out with my kids, we’ve come across like Play kidd’s have the BOOBS poster. So then obviously we’ve opened up our own shop and I thought what a great way to help people in the area and get more people through the store.”

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The 2010 Equality Act allows mums to breastfeed in public but Mrs Rotherham-Howell argues that there is still a stigma:

“I breastfed with my second child who’s now three and I still felt uncomfortable, like even in front of family you’ve still got to cover up. So I feel sorry for the parents that genuinely do want to carry on. I know parents don’t stop at a certain age they might carry on till they’re two.

“We want people to think ‘oh I know lets go to the A World UK we’re fine, we can go upstairs, relax’ you’re not gonna be stressed. You’re not gonna have to worry that people are staring going ‘oh what’s she doing’ so it’s a safe environment for them to come and just feel comfortable.”

Countdown to 100 approved venues

GK Gallery signed up in 2018. Helen Kirby, a 59-year-old, mum to gallery owner Gina Kirby said:

“We’ve just renewed our subscription…We’re fully supportive, we get a lot of young mums coming in here and if we can show that we’re BOOBS supportive then that’s good.”

17 venues need to pledge for BOOBS to achieve their target.

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To learn more about the campaign click here.

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