Blackfriars Road, one of the major roads running from Manchester city centre into Salford, is reaping the rewards of a major litter pick that took place over the weekend.

Four volunteers from Salford Litter Heroes spent over three hours on the road on Saturday, collecting 21 bin bags full of rubbish in total.

The Route

The volunteers’ work is obvious to those who frequent the route. The empty beer cans and takeaway packaging that once lined the road are now gone, as is the mess of a few smashed bottles and glasses.

A spokesperson for Salford Litter Heroes said: ‘Interestingly, we were picking next to fencing and somehow litter managed to get on top of the fence.

‘Most of it had been there for years and was frozen into the ground because of the weather, but we tried our best.

‘The most common thing I found was plastic bottle, beer cans and herons foods bags which is located across the bridge.

‘We also found 3 brollies, a new package of Polyurethane Resin and a construction sign.

‘One of the group even found a computer.’

But Salford Litter Heroes do struggle to maintain the environment.

‘A guy who volunteers for Salford Ranger Team helped cut the bushes on a pathway to access the litter, but some couldn’t be accessed due to too much dog poo.

‘A passerby said thanks and told us that the bushes were only maybe cut once a year.

Signs up and down Blackfriars Road warning people not to litter

‘Someone else actually thanked us as we walked past, which isn’t very often.

‘People always seem to think we either work for the council and are on community payback.

‘So we have to regularly explain that we are volunteers and people are shocked when we say we aren’t getting paid.’

Police have the power to issue fixed penalty notices up to £150 to any person caught dropping litter in the street.

Salford Litter Heroes work all year-round to keep Salford clean, click here to find out more and get involved.

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  1. I’d pick litter
    As a paying job
    Ad it should be
    We are well shafted by the clowncil mafia

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