Salford Pride and Youth Stop AIDS Manchester launched their partnership on World AIDS Day whilst fundraising to support those living with AIDS.

This weekend, the partnership between the two organisations was launched officially at Barpop with an evening of fundraising, raising awareness and entertainment.

Salford Pride was formed in 2011 and was originally known as the Pink Picnic, which is now an annual event.

The pride team is made up of volunteers from the LGBT+ community in and around Salford.

Salford Pride’s chief executive Lee Bowditch spoke about what the partnership will do for Salford: “This is just the start but hopefully we want to get all the outreach programmes going out into Salford.

“A lot of stuff is based just in central Manchester and Salford is a large geographic area, so we want to go out and reach out to doctors, local communities and clinics.”

The vigil and procession along Canal Street took place during the event and people who are living with AIDS and those who want to support those living with AIDS walked with a single white candle in silence.

Youth Stop AIDS Manchester is an organisation which raises awareness of HIV and AIDS in the younger community.

Lewis Wilkinson, who chairs Youth Stop AIDS Manchester, got involved in the group after being diagnosed with HIV last year.

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Lewis added: “It is not just to do with awareness it is to do with funding that goes into a city like Manchester.

“In harder-to-reach places like rural Salford the facilities just aren’t there at the minute.”

The aim of the organisations coming together is to support those who are living with HIV and AIDS and educate people on HIV/AIDS in Manchester and now more specifically in Salford.

Image credit – Imogen Holland

Salford Pride’s resident drag queen Venus hosted the night. She said: “I think it is fantastic that we have finally created this partnership.

“They can now start that work that is going to make Salford specifically much more aware, get much more support out there and get more funding.”

Whilst raising awareness on HIV/Aids, local musicians Jess McAdam and Sam Tomlins performed at the event, here is a clip of one of Sams songs.

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