Drivers passing through the Manchester Outer Ring Road took to Twitter today after a HGV vehicle was spotted parked on the pavement on Worsley roundabout.

A local resident, who preferred not to be named, spotted the vehicle and took a picture after noticing it for several weeks, he said:

“It’s always around the same time. I live in the area and pass this way every day. It is such a dangerous place to park up.

The whole of the pavement is taken up by these HGV’s so any pedestrians have to cross a very busy, dangerous dual carriageway.

Traffic comes straight off a busy roundabout and this would be a blind junction. Anyone crossing over would not be seen by a driver until it was too late.

Mayor of Salford, Paul Dennett, responded to the Tweet expressing his concern, replying:

“This isn’t acceptable” I’ve raised the issue with officers at the City Council and asked them to address the issue as soon as possible”.

Simon Cooper, a resident in Salford, also commented on the issue:

“I have seen lots of trucks on the footpath outside the church. Pavement parking is my pet hate and GMP tend to turn a blind eye.The relevant traffic acts are there for them to use, but like I say they ignore it or say its a Council issue

If there are yellow lines and a vehicle is totally on the footpath then the Council enforcement officer can issue a ticket but even they don’t do anything in these situations and say its a police matter.”

Under the Road Traffic Act 1988 (Section 19 and 20), parking goods vehicles with a gross weight of over 7.5 tonnes on a pavement or verge is banned and imposes a fine.

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