An academic from the university of Salford will be calling for climate justice at a UN conference in Madrid next week.

Dr David Rossati is an acknowledged expert on international climate change law will be advising delegations from the least developed countries on how to make the system fairer.

He said: “The losses caused by climate change to these nations, which have virtually not contributed to climate change, are already under our eyes and will increase.

“I want to offer my small contribution to realise a vision of climate justice at the international level.

“It’s also a fantastic opportunity which will help me to apply and further refine my research.”



The aim of the conference is to bring the world together to discuss ways to strengthen the implementation of structures to tackle climate change.

Dr Rossati has been an academic at the University of Salford for five years and teaches a general discipline of international law in the Salford Business School.

He said: “I engage students into thinking about the challenge of climate change at an international level, as well as a personal and local level.”

Olly Andrews, a graduate from the university said: “I think Dr Rossati’s attendance will be inspiring to both students of the university and the local community.”

The University of Salford was awarded the EcoCampus Platinum and ISO14001 certification earlier this year, the highest accolade achievable, demonstrating excellence in sustainability.

Dr Rossati added “From the everyday life that I do here on campus, over the years I have certainly seen steps of sustainability improvements.

“An example being abandoning the use of plastic cutlery with wooden replacements in canteens across campus.”

The university also recently hosted an event with Design Manchester, University of Salford x DM19, with the Extinction Rebellion Art Group.

John Owens, founder of Design MCR and Salford alumnus, said: “A lot has changed since the late ‘90s, early ‘00s, but what has struck me about the campus is how nice the landscaping and trees are.”

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