Diego ‘Dynamite’ Costa, 33, is in the run up the Contender VIP boxing final on 21st December.

The undefeated boxer trains at the famous Oliver’s Gym in Salford, which has helped train the likes of Amir Khan and brother Haroon Khan in the early stages of their boxing careers.

Born in Brazil, he has been boxing since 15-years-old and became professional 11 years ago.

Diego said: “This gym for me represents more than a simple gym. I can train in Sheffield, but I’m happy here in Salford, this is my gym, my family and I feel comfortable.

“This is the biggest fight of my professional boxing career and will open a lot of opportunities that I have not been able to have before.

“I’m not thinking about loss or anything like that. I’m thinking about the victory”.

The fighter of the ‘light-heavy’ division will be facing also undefeated Boris Crighton at the Hilton in Manchester on the 21st December.

Having only resided in the UK for three years, admitted he moved here solely to start his boxing career.

He spoke about his friendship with professional boxer Martin Murray: “I’ve always had dreams to become a professional boxer but never had the opportunity, when I met Martin he invited me to start at Oliver’s gym so I moved here and trained here ever since.”

Costa added:“Whenever I feel down, I think about my family in Brazil and how hard they’ve got it.

They look at me like a hero because I came from nothing.

For others looking for motivation to start boxing, I say follow your dream”.

The famous Oliver’s boxing gym in Salford is home to many professional and aspiring boxers.

Oliver Harrison himself sadly passed away earlier on this year, aged 59, due to cancer.

His presence is kept alive in the gym, with photo’s hanging all over and a dedicated wall with a pair of his old gloves hanging up.

Diego spoke with passion about the opportunity he has been given from Oliver and the boxing gym: “He was a special man that did a lot for this gym and community”.

Oliver’s nephew Aaron Harrison stated how the gym is beneficial to the Salford community: “It’s good for the Salford community, loads of troublesome kids come here, people who are bored on the streets who want something to do, it shows them discipline, dedication and helps them open up a dream to chase and make reality.

“The status of the gym is already there but fights like this keep it alive and keep Oliver’s name going”.

Aaron recalls how his uncle previously had a larger gym at a different location in Salford, but due to government cuts and plans on building houses on location, that gym closed and then relocated to the current location.

The previous gym was home to hosting events and activities, but now solely is focused on boxing training.

When asked about his next moves, Diego expressed, “it’s not what’s next, I’ve learnt from many years ago to live in the present, so for now it’s all about the 21st December”.

With six days a week intensive training, blood, sweat and tears will be in the gym whilst Diego Dynamite plans his ultimate victory.

Image credit: Karen Priestley

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