“You can change your wife, your politics, your religion, but never never can you change your favorite football team.” 

Those are the words of former Manchester United forward Eric Cantona. The quote has become an unspoken law among football fans. However, Salford City superfan Richard Kedzior, 64, from Chorlton, decided to break it: 

“I saw Salford in the 1980s, funnily enough as an away supporter. I did actually see them in the early 1970s when I lived near Old Trafford and they were called Salford Amateurs and they played a couple of amateur cup finals at Old Trafford. 

“I wasn’t supporting Salford then. My league team was Oldham Athletic. I was supporting Salford from the point of view they were the local club.” explains Kedzior.  

From the Latics to the Ammies

Kedzior started to support Salford City in 2007, seven years ahead of the Class of 92 takeover. Then the club found themselves in Division One of the North West Counties League, the ninth tier of English football. 

Now, Salford City and Oldham Athletic are both in League Two, causing an unexpected situation for the former Latics fan. On December 29, the teams go head to head at Boundary Park. 

“I would never have believed that. I was an avid Oldham supporter, and they’re still my league team, although it’s many years since I’ve been since I go home and away [with Salford]. 

“So it’s gonna be strange when I go back to Boundary Park in the away end. The away end is actually where the home end is now, so it’s gonna be very strange. Having said that, my allegiance is to Salford,” confirms the 64-year-old.    

TANGERINE AND BLACK: Kedzior brings his tangerine and black flag as a reminder that Salford City was a football club before the Class of 92 takeover in 2014. Tangerine and black were Salford City’s old colours. Image Credit: Lars Magnus Roys

Kedzior started going to Oldham games with his dad in the 1960s as he did not want to be like his classmates who supported Manchester United and Manchester City. However, as he got older and more money was invested into the sport he loved, Kedzior felt he missed the feeling of non-league football. 

He chose Salford as lower league team, having grown up close to Old Trafford. In a period from 2007 to 2015, Kedzior saw 338 games in a row, home and away, before missing three games in 2015. 

“Fortunate to have seen Salford at a lower level”

Salford have now made the step out of non-league but Kedzior is not finding another non-league team. He still feels Salford City has a non-league feel to it. 

“I love non-league football and always will do and have a soft spot for it. In a way I sort of prefer it to league football. I’m fortunate to have seen Salford at a lower level when the crowds were 50-60-70,” says the Ammies fan who is enjoying life in the Football League. 

“It’s nice to go to stadiums and actually have cover, not standing out in the open cold somewhere. It’s a great ride we’re having. I have no aspirations towards the Premier League, I don’t care about that. The most important thing is that we stay in the Football League and build for the future,” concludes Kedzior

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