Breathing is something we don’t think about very often. Transcend Monton in Eccles however helps us understand more how breathing can benefit us.

Our lives are filled with stressful situations everyday throughout. Whether we have certain quotas to fill in, deadlines to cover or simply being stuck in traffic after work, these can all influence our mental and physical health without notice.

Luckily, we all breathe in such scenarios and Breathwork specialist Mark Sutton from Transcend Monton thinks this could help us relieve stress.

Credit: Salford Now

Mr Sutton is qualified in using the Bio-dynamic Breath and Trauma Release System, which was invented in 2007, is trademarked and sold by certified practitioners like himself. He claims that the breathing methods used help in releasing levels of depression and anxiety.

“The system allows us to relieve stress that has been build up in our bodies. It’s a very simple breathing technique that actually activates the sympathetic Nervous System.

There are no scientific evidence that breathwork has any positive health impacts, but apparently people find it very useful.

Sutton added: “The people who came to the workshop today found out that Breath can be incredibly healing. The power of the breathwork is straight-away. Immediately you begin to notice something happening to your body.”

If you think you need to unwind your mind, you can find more about Mark Sutton’s services here.

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