Salford’s first zero waste store ‘The Dispensary‘ opened its doors on Saturday in Walkden town centre.

The store is to sell products ranging from eco-friendly face cleansers to washing up liquid with books and artwork also available.

The opening of the store hopes to encourage people to reuse packaging and become more environmentally friendly and is described as “environmentally friendly products, with as little packaging as possible.”

Everything about the shop is eco-friendly, starting with the manufacturing process. Shop assistant Susan Ferguson says. “Anything unnecessary in the process of manufacturing has been researched as well, so a lot of depth and research has gone into the process to make sure they do what they say they do.”


The shop has zero waste, as it does not use disposable packaging and they use amber glass bottles, which Ms Ferguson says “are good because it stops the sunlight from getting through which protects the product. And if you bring your own container, you get it a lot cheaper.”

The pricing for the product with the containers are slightly higher than if customers bring their own, which gives motivation for them to not waste their containers and always reuse them.

The public have responded very well to the idea of a zero waste store with Ms Ferguson saying: “lots of things sold out in the first day. It was far better than our highest hopes.” On their first day of opening they had “a line of queues out of the shop door”.

The owner, Fay Watts, has put a lot of time and research into getting the best products which fit into the store’s ethos of having vegan, cruelty free products which do not create any waste.

The products that are used in the shop are also locally sourced, therefore reducing their carbon footprint.

Ms Watts said “the opening of the shop went really really well! And we have had an amazing response from the public. We are so overwhelmed!”

Image credit- The Dispensary

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