Salford Women’s Aid are appealing for donations to feed their families this Christmas.

Jo Charleson, Senior Refuge Worker at Salford Women’s Aid, said, “Christmas can be very hard, being away from home.

“Sometimes the women come with nothing so it’s very difficult for them.”

There are currently 14 women and 10 children in the refuge of Salford Women’s Aid, which the charity aims to feed this Christmas, Jo said, “We’ll have a Christmas dinner with all the trimmings, and some nice decorations for the table. Basically everything we can do to make it as pleasant and a home from home as we possibly can.”

Salford Women’s Aid does not receive any council funding and therefore relies on donations from the public. Jo said, “It’s a constant struggle trying to fundraise.

“It’s more needed and urgent than ever before.

“We’re always looking for toiletries and food. A lot of the women have been affected by the recent changes to benefits, so it’s really helpful if we can have a store of food and we’re constantly needing to update, things like bedding.”

It is estimated that domestic abuse in Salford has risen by approximately 10% over the past decade, while the percentage for solved cases has fallen.

The Christmas Dinner Appeal can be found at

Salford Women’s Aid can be contacted on 0161 793 3232 1pm – 4pm, Monday – Friday.

More information about domestic abuse in Salford can be found at

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