A 23-year-old mum from Salford, Demi Eddison told us “I’d rather myself go without” so that her son Logan doesn’t suffer.

National statistics from Young Women’s Trust, recent childcare report shows that a 50% of young mothers had skipped meals at least once a week to provide to their children.




Demi Edison says “At work, I just try and get as many hours in as I can. If I can do overtime, I just do overtime.

“It can be hard, but it can be easy as well. It can be challenging.

“If I know I need clothes I would rather him have them than me. I would rather just deal with what I have got so he can have new clothes.”


If you are living in Salford and are having financial difficulties. The map below shows food banks in and around Salford.

Amie, a volunteer from Young Women’s Trust, who help young women in financial difficulties, told us: “There so much help out there but it is so difficult for you to go, look for it and ask for it.”

“I know myself I’ve probably skipped meals because I’ve not had the money. There definitely are more things that the government could be doing to help us.

“We need more social housing and there needs to be more around the year free child care so that women can go to work and afford to work. Rather than being in more debt because they want to work. No childcare, no housing, it doesn’t help people.”

If you are affected by debt you can contact these places for advice.

The Money Advice Service

Salford Council Welfare Rights and Debt Advice Service

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